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    'We have NO BRANCHES anywhere' (We are NOT CONCERNED with any other Fertility Centre with SIMILAR NAME like "Dr. PADMAJA........" in Karimnagar OR Vijayawada OR elsewhere in INDIA)

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Dr Padmaja Divakar with the ART Luminary, Fertility Books Author, Academician Dr Gowtham Alahabadia of Mumbai / Dubai, while @ WOOSP Conference @ Seychells in Sept, 2015....!!!

Dr. Padmaja Divakar with ASPIRE President Dr. JAIDEEP Malhotra @Brisbane Confnce!

Dr. Padmaja Divakar in a playful mood in an outing in Park City, Utah, USA, loves nature, animals, n Babies...!!!

Dr. Padmaja Divakar @ ASRM Conference in SaltLakeCity in USA Oct.,2016...!!!

Dr. Padmaja Divakar @ ASRM Conference in SaltLakeCity in USA Oct.,2016...!!!

Dr. Padmaja Divakar @ the Conference of ASRM(American Society of Reproductive Medicine in Salt Lake City (USA) 15-10-16 to 19-10-16...continuous efforts to update

Managing Director Mr Divakar Reddy & Med Director Dr Padmaja Divakar of Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre in 2016 annual Conference of ASRM(American Society of Reproductive Medicine in Salt Lake City (USA)(A joint effort to give you the best in Infertility solutions)

Dr. Padmaja Divakar @ Royal College of Obs & Gynec, London in a Training Camp in April, 2016....Continuous Learning matters a lot in doing justice to the clients !!!

Dr. Padmaja Divakar in 2017 annual conference of ASRM @ SamAntonio (USA) Oct27-31 ...Learning is a continuous process for Doctors in Medical Practice...to give more assured n “Best Results in IVF in India at Dr. Padmaja IVF (Fertility) Centre, Hyderabad...

Dr. Padmaja Divakar in 2017 annual conference of ASRM @ SamAntonio (USA) Oct27-31 ...updation of knowledge is essential in ever changing trends and procedures in ART (Fertility) Treatment Field...to ensure “Best Results In IVF & SURROGACY at Dr. Padmaja Fertility Centre, Hyderabad”

Dr. Padmaja & Divakar Reddy in 2017 annual conference of ASRM @ SamAntonio (USA) Oct27-31 ...Both endeavour to bring in new technologies and new equipment and new protocols to achieve still more good results in Infertility Treatment Services at Dr. Padmaja Divakar Fertility Centre Habsiguda Hyderabad to make it “Top IVF/ICSI/SURROGACY Centre in INDIA”

A Good Gesture by a Commissioning Couples from "Kolkatta" who got Twins Through 'Surrogacy' in "First Attempt Success" here @ Dr. Padmaja Fertility (IVF & Surrogacy) Centre Habsiguda Hyderabad.....Thanking Dr. Padmaja, Divakar Reddy & Teampfc....

Thanq Mr. Krishna Gopal sen Gupta & Ms. Aditi sen Gupta (+91 90882 66636 & +91 90517 89130) for Emboldening is with your Wonderful Framed Feedback in English & Bengali n all Other Gifts

A Just Born Healthy Srrgcy Baby of a Hyderabad Couple with various medical reasons to opt for surrogacy, at Dr Padmaja Fertility (Surrogacy) Centre Hyderabad ( +91 97041 92924 & 83330 18679 )

Dr Gowthami, Sr Gynaecologist @ Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre, in the ISAR2017 conference in Gurgoan (Delhi) .....we believe in updation of knowledge to serve the clients better with up to date knowledge in ever emerging ART field across the world !!!

A Just Born Super Healthy IVF Baby with 4Kg weight 😄pet named by us as "BAHUBALI the Hero" ...of a Couple from Vijayanagaram (AP) based in Hyderabad with 10 Yr Married Life n multiple IVF Failures ...it's routine "at Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre Hyderabad, the First Attempt Success in IUI, IVF & ICSI" ...Congrats to the Happy Couple as long wait over

A Beaming Happy NEPAL Couple (with 12Yr Married Life n multiple failures elsewhere) overwhelmed with Joy on their First Attempt Success in IVF at Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre Hyderabad.....your journey long way from Khatmandu ofcourse proved fruitful for you Ms Meena Dolma n Mr Bibindra Lama...ThanQ for choosing us, as an International Patient on Medical Tourism ...

An ecstatic couple from Sangareddy District of Telangana on their First Attempt Success in IVF at Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre Hyderabad, known for... "First Attempt Success in IUI & IVF" ...with Twin Pregnancy....

Divakar Reddy, Managing Director of Dr. Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Centre, Hyderabad with a Happy n OverJoyed Middle aged couple with their IVF Born Son after a long wait of 15Yrs in first Attempt here on five time failure elsewhere... Congrats...!!!

Dr. Padmaja Divakar with IVF/ICSI born male baby of 15 yrs Married Life middle aged couple with tears of joy... Shobha Rani / Narendra... Uppal(Hyderabad)... (8790993398 & 9000668397)

Dr. Padmaja Divakar, DivakarReddy with Sri KTR, Minister of IT&MuncipalAdmn in TS Govt & Dr Dinesh of Rainbow Hosp in PreTermBabyDay Get-together in Hotel ParkHytt, Hyderabad...!!!

Healthy Twin Babies of a Mumbai Couple contact details: 9820043268, 9819587417.

Just born Healthy surgte twin Female & Male Babies of Mumbai Couple,

A Bangladesh Couple all the way travelled choosing Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre Hyderabad for their IVF Treatment and got success in very first attempt...write on their experiences why they chose PFC as "Top IVF Fertility Centre in India with high success rate and best results"

An Afghanistan Couple chose Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre Hyderabad as last destination for their successful Infertility treatments in its first attempt...

Just Born Healthy IVF Twins of a Couple from Mallapur (Hyderabad) at Dr. Padmaja Fertility IVF Centre Habsiguda Hyderabad (8801255485 & 9441276343)...!!!

A Just Born Healthy Surrogacy GIRL BABY of a Couple from Hyderabad on 6-10-16 @ Dr Padmaja Fertility (IVF-Surrogacy) Centre know as Best Surrogacy Centre in India with "High Success Rate"...!!!

A Just Born Healthy IUI Male Baby @Dr Padmaja Infertility clinic of a Hyderabad (Midhani-Dilsukhnagar) with 5Yr Married Life...we wish all Intra Uterine Insemination procedures be successful to save on the costs of IVF...!!! 9550555816

Dr Bhavana of Dr Padmaja (IUI - IVF) Centre, handing over the just Born IUI male baby to the happy father from Saidabad of Hyderabad on 03-10-16...A Long Wait Over...!!!

Just Born IVF-ICSI Twin Girl Babies of a Couple (with 10Ys Married Life) from NIZAMABAD...!!!(7680920207)

A Couple from Kolkata with their mid-term (with Twins) Surrogate(in Saree) due in Dec'16 All Happy moments at Dr Padmaja Fertility (Surrogacy) Centre, Hyderabad

All 160 Young, Healthy, Smiling, Poised to Serve the cause of Srrgcy needed co-women, voluntarily staying back in Srrgt Home, with consent of husband or Family elders, with good food n Modern Accommodation n Daily Medical Care ....assembled in Dining Hall for a counselling session on 18-09-16 !!!

Our Managing Director Shri Divakar Reddy with Srrgcy Program Director Mr Ashok Kumar, Lab I/C n General Manager Narayana Head Warden Ms Ramanjamma (lovingly called as AMMA by Srrgts) who are the pillars of success of this facility at PFC !!!

Our Mg Director along with Ms Jyotsna, PRO@PFC Hyderabad , Ms Bhargavi PRO@PFC I/C of Srrgt Home & Dr Gowthami Srinivas, Resident Gynec at Navya Nursing Home - Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre - Dr Padmaja Surrogacy Centre, Bhongir, counselling the 100 Carrying n 60 under process Surrogates on general n health tips during their stay at Surrogate Home here!on 18-09-16 ....!!!

Ah...!!! Another "BAHUBALI" (4kg Male Baby) Born @ Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre, Habsiguda, Hyderabad on 16-09-16, to a Local HYDERABAD Couple with 5Yrs Married Life, by IUI Procedure in First Attempt @ PFC here, after failure of so many such in other Towns n different Centres...!!! (7032422609 - 9912914491) Oye....We all Wish You make it BIG in LIFE...!!!

Ms Hari Priya, Sr PRO @ PFC, Hyd... I/C IVF Division & Donors Section ...poised to help you with suitable donors & Affordable Cost Package Plans ... for good Results ( +91 7661-058800)

Dr Shahanaz of PFC handing over IVF/ICSI Born Healthy Baby @ Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre, Habsiguda, Hyderabad to father from LBNagar, Hyd !!!

A Just Born IVF - ICSI Baby (3.35kg) of a couple After 10 years of marriage, on 21-7-2016 at Dr Padmaja Test Tube Baby Centre, Hyderabad (9848946340)

The Maternal & Paternal Grand Mothers with their IVF Born Grandson at Dr Padmaja IVF Centre Hyderabad...a long wait over...!!!

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Below is a small selection of comments customers have sent us after using our services.

We look forward to providing you with the same great service they have received!

"The doctors and all the staff are very caring, the best part is about Dr. Padmaja, I’m so confident about their way of treatment that never give a second thought or hesitate to come here. Thanks to everybody around here for their loving & caring nature."

"We have come from Orissa being introduced by Mrs. & Mr. S who have been blessed with a daughter after taking treatment here. After seven years of their marriage, they have been blessed with a baby after successful laparoscopy by Dr. Padmaja We are very much satisfied with the behavior & hospitality of the staffs working here and as well as doctors."

"My wife feels very good now after she has been pregnant for 10+ weeks now. She misses the presence of Dr. Padmaja as she found her a very engaging person, in warmth, care and in her knowledge. We appreciated the time spent by Dr. Padmaja in all frank talks that he had with us to dispel any doubts as well as Cleary define the procedure and all the steps and guide us towards realistic expectations at the very onset of the IVF process."

"The ever smiling, ever helping and ever enthusiastic members at a clinic is a very rare sight in our city. But we find these qualities instilled in all the staff at the Dr. Padmaja Infertility Centre. I have a very special point to make about the husband – wife team needless to say that they are the best doctors in the field of infertility but at the same time they take extra care to empathize and explain the couples and look after their emotional needs. I and my wife M can remember the days when we have cried in front of Aniruddha and Anjali who have always supported us during such periods. Hats off to them!"

"This is the best place to have a baby. The excellent doctors have changed our life by giving us a beautiful child. Today we have a reason to laugh & celebrate. We have come to take the treatment of second child. We have full confidence in the doctors. We feel so comfortable with the sisters around & very safe in this clean & hygienic place."

Dr. Padmaja Divakar with ASPIRE President Dr. JAIDEEP Malhotra @Brisbane Confnce!