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PGD/PGS Genetic Tests

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Best fertility centre in hyderabad
Best fertility centre in hyderabad
Best fertility centre in hyderabad
Best fertility centre in hyderabad
Best fertility centre in hyderabad

PGD/PGS Genetic Tests

Both preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) are laboratory procedures, designed to allow the testing of embryos prior to implantation, so that couples can significantly lower their chance of having a child affected by certain genetic conditions.

It is now much easier and safer to give complete protection to your child from every genetic disease with the unique features of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and preimplantation genetic screening (PGS).

At Dr.Padmaja's Fertility (IVF) Center, you'll be able to access PGD / PGS tests for your child to be able to give complete health protection and prevention of any genetic diseases.

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Why PGD/PGS are important for you?

Even before the birth of your baby, PGD/PGS laboratory procedures test the embryos in order to lessen the chances of being affected with genetic conditions that can prove harmful at a later point of time.

PGD is a strong and robust Test to detect when any of the couple carry an abnormal change in a gene and accordingly this test is performed to identify if a specific hereditary disease from that gene mutation has been transmitted to their embryo.

PGS takes care of couples who are genetically healthy and normal but they wish to get screened for any abnormal functionality, also called as aneuploidy. Even at times, healthy couple who are free from any disorder and having normally appearing embryos, do have aneuploidy. In that scenario, a miscarriage can occur with the failure of implantation or sometimes child can be born with chromosomal syndrome.

Perfectly at this point, a PGS Test can help you to get transferred a healthy embryo to enable the chances of success rate of IVF. Specialized in embryology, Dr.Padmaja's Fertility (IVF) Center can successfully carry out PGS Tests for your health protection.

Specific Facilities for PGD/PGS Tests

At Dr.Padmaja's Fertility (IVF) Center, you will find most advanced and well-established infrastructural facilities for resolving pregnancy complexities such as infertility, abnormal menstrual cycle, reproductive tract abnormalities, recurring pregnancy loss etc.,

We undertake case studies for a thorough check up and examination whereby we arrive at various different solutions and diagnostic recommendations to successfully find a remedy and cure for healthy pregnancy.

Best Results Obtained from PGD/PGS Tests

  • PGS Test improves the scope of selecting a healthy embryo to further develop into a healthy baby
  • Eliminate birth defects that mostly occur as minor to major anatomic abnormalities to genetic disorders.
  • PGD Test is a vast source for couple who have a family history of diseases and those who worry about passing on to their descendants.
  • The Test identifies and calls for appropriate clinical fertility recommendations.
  • With many factors to consider, PGD/PGS Tests are successfully carried out at Dr.Padmaja's Fertility (IVF) Center producing some of the productive and profitable results for safe pregnancy care and healthy delivery of baby.
  • Removal of defects and troubleshooting the problem are some of the finest areas in which we possess adequate expertise to help you.
  • No longer infertility is a major concern globally and in India, we are one of the leading Infertility care center assisting our fellow citizens in overcoming major life concerns such as child birth and parenthood.