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    'We have NO BRANCHES anywhere' (We are NOT CONCERNED with any other Fertility Centre with SIMILAR NAME like "Dr. PADMAJA........" in Karimnagar OR Vijayawada OR elsewhere in INDIA)

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Dr. Padmaja Divakar
Dr. Padmaja Fertility (IVF & Surrogacy) Centre (Test Tube Baby Centre)
@NGRI Metro Stn, St No 7, Habsiguda, Hyderabad
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Dr. Padmaja Divakar Best Surrogate
Ms Jyotsna Reddy, Sr PRO with Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre, participating in the world summit in Hayatt Hotel on 18-11-2019, to recieve the “BEST FERTILITY CENTRE 2019” 😊👍🙌

Best Surrogate
Ms Jyotsna Reddy, Sr PRO@PFC receiving the AWARD for OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE declaring Dr Padmaja Fertility, Habsiguda, Here as “BEST FERTILITY CENTRE - 2019”

Best Surrogate
Ms Jyotsna Reddy, Sr PRO@PFC displaying the Internatiomal AWARD for OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE declaring Dr Padmaja Fertility, Habsiguda, Here as “BEST FERTILITY CENTRE - 2019”

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Please Must Visit !!


Below is a small selection of comments customers have sent us after using our services.

We look forward to providing you with the same great service they have received!

"The doctors and all the staff are very caring, the best part is about Dr. Padmaja, I’m so confident about their way of treatment that never give a second thought or hesitate to come here. Thanks to everybody around here for their loving & caring nature."

"We have come from Orissa being introduced by Mrs. & Mr. S who have been blessed with a daughter after taking treatment here. After seven years of their marriage, they have been blessed with a baby after successful laparoscopy by Dr. Padmaja We are very much satisfied with the behavior & hospitality of the staffs working here and as well as doctors."

"My wife feels very good now after she has been pregnant for 10+ weeks now. She misses the presence of Dr. Padmaja as she found her a very engaging person, in warmth, care and in her knowledge. We appreciated the time spent by Dr. Padmaja in all frank talks that he had with us to dispel any doubts as well as Cleary define the procedure and all the steps and guide us towards realistic expectations at the very onset of the IVF process."

"The ever smiling, ever helping and ever enthusiastic members at a clinic is a very rare sight in our city. But we find these qualities instilled in all the staff at the Dr. Padmaja Infertility Centre. I have a very special point to make about the husband – wife team needless to say that they are the best doctors in the field of infertility but at the same time they take extra care to empathize and explain the couples and look after their emotional needs. I and my wife M can remember the days when we have cried in front of Aniruddha and Anjali who have always supported us during such periods. Hats off to them!"

"This is the best place to have a baby. The excellent doctors have changed our life by giving us a beautiful child. Today we have a reason to laugh & celebrate. We have come to take the treatment of second child. We have full confidence in the doctors. We feel so comfortable with the sisters around & very safe in this clean & hygienic place."

Dr. Padmaja Divakar with ASPIRE President Dr. JAIDEEP Malhotra @Brisbane Confnce!

Dr Padmaja Divakar with international delegates @ Asian Society Of CME held @ Goa 1sr to 3rd Feb, 2019...

Fertility Preservation Hands-on Workshop May 25th, 2018