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Welcome to our Amazing Video Gallery... It's all Fun n Frolic

Hi Friends, here are the few Videos to just elate you finding how the Healthy IVF / Babies are born here @ Dr Padmaja Fertility (IVF-) Centre, Habsiguda, Hyderabad.....we jovially call them the "Apples" as they look like...chubby chubby, round round, fully fully, pinky pinky.

Likewise we find some parents going emotional sharing their joy with us n their family members as their dreams realised inviting their own cute baby into family.

If you have done leisure, it'll be all fun n frolic for you, which may instill confidence in yourself to plan fur your own baby n it may bringing some trust on our PFC to proceed with us in taking right kind of service like IUI, IVF, ICSI or as it fits your fertility status.

An Amazing Video of a Just Born Healthy Surrogate Baby if an elite Couple from Mumbai in March, 2016

HAPPY MOMENTS of INVITING TGE NEW BORN into the FAMILY....all anxiety n excitement seen ....!!!

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WE CLEARED all QUERIES on our PERMISSIONS n LEGAL POSITION on PROGRAM in our Country for the present (till any new Law comes up) for DOMESTIC & NRI (Indian Passport holding Couples.. both spouses.. living outside India) to the MEDIA n GOVT OFFICIALS when controversial news came out in part of media

Video Gallery

A just Born Healthy Male Baby of an elated Mumbai based Advocate couple (3kg) is so active just after the birth, looking into the camera, responding with active gestures... It happens here and in a routinely at Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad !! Kudos !!!
A Amazingly Healthy, Cute, Superactive Weighing 2.5kg Each...""Twins"" Born in IVF- @ Dr PADMAJA Fertility Centre, Habsiguda, Hyderabad...there's 40% incidence of Twins in here as we do Embryo Transfer with Min 2 & Max 3 Embryos n the Womb is by Choice assuredly FIT n Fruitful....!!
What Clients Say About Us...!!!
A happy NRI couple sharing their success & Joy at Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
Miracle Babies @ Dr. Padmaja Divakar Hyderabad...!!!
Dr. Padmaja Divakar replies addressing the gathering @ felicitation by Rotary Club.
Mr. Divakar Reddy’s Thanks reply to the Felicitation by Rotary Club.
A Just Born Healthy IVF/ICSI Baby of a Happy Couple ( 9703444268 ) from Hyderabad/Secunderabad in First Attempt Success here in the hands of Dr Padmaja Divakar @PFC, Hyderabad which is known as the TOP FERTILITY (IVF) Centre in
The just Born Healthy Surrogacy Baby of an elite Hyderabad Couple (9032427713) @ Dr Padmaja Fertility Center, Hyderabad (7661017755) which is known as the "BEST SURROGACY CENTRE IN INDIA with Surrogate Care Home with Daily Medical Care, Nutritious Food, well Furnished Accommodation & Healthy Baby Births"
A Just Born Healthy IVF/ ICSI Baby of a Couple ( 8099999346 ) from Shapurnagar, Hyderabad in First Attempt Success @ Dr Padmaja IVF Centre, Hyderabad known as the "TOP FERTILITY (TEST TUBE BABY) CENTRE IN HYDERABAD" with proven good results around 75% in IVF/ICSI & 70% of it being FIRST ATTEMPT SUCCESSES"
A Just Born Healthy IVF/ICSI Baby of a Happy Vijayawada Couple ( 989455755 ) being handed over to the ecstatic father as mother undergoing delivery procedure @ Dr Padmaja IVF, Hyderabad known for the most "FIRST ATTEMPT SUCCESSES IN IVF/ICSI in INDIA as BEST FERTILITY-IVF Center in Hyderabad"
A Happy Father from Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad ( 8790015452 ) Recieving their Just Born Healthy IVF Baby from Dr Srujana @ Dr Padmaja IVF Center, Hyderabad known as the "TOP IVF/ICSI Centre in South India" with "LOW COST IVF PACKAGES with BEST RESULTS upto 75%" regularly...
A Just Born Healthy IVF Baby of a couple ( 8790015452 ) from Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad @ Dr Padmaja Fertility (IVF & Surrogacy) Centre, Hyderabad known for "PEOPLE's FRIENDLY SINCERE, COMMITTED INFERTILITY CLINIC IN HYDERABAD"
PUNE / Dubai couple's emotional moments on blessing of Baby @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad !!!
Family sharing their joy on blessing with twins through at Dr. Padmaja Fertility, Hyderabad !!!
A Belated, after 25 years of Marriage, just Born Healthy Srrgcy Baby of KAKINADA COUPLE sharing their joy with their Doctor n all people in general...!!!
A Just Born Healthy Surrogacy Baby in their first attempt success
The Happy Family Sharing joy with Dr. Padmaja @ PFC, Hyd Who could fulfil their 25yr Long wait for their Baby Success is the Mantra @ PFC, Hyderabad
A Happy Couple ( 9246527967 )with multiple IVF failures elsewhere rejoice having their Just Born Healthy Surrogacy Baby in the hands of Dr Padmaja Divakar, a renowned Fertility Specialist in INDIA from Hyderabad...known for 10,000 Healthy IVF Births & 3000 Surrogacy Baby Births in Last 10 Years...
A Just Born Healthy Surrogacy Baby of a Middle Aged Couple ( 9246527967 ) Saroornagar, Hyderabad, in FIRST ATTEMPT SUCCESS of their SURROGACY PROGRAM @ Dr Padmaja Fertlity (IVF & Surrogacy), @NGRI Metro Stn, Hyderabad, known for GOOD RESULTS IN IUI, IVF, ICSI, SURROGACY infertility treatments...
Mr. Divakar Reddy & Dr. Padmaja Divakar in Xmas Celebrations.
A Happy Couple with First Attempt Success in Their IVF/ICSI @ Dr. Padmaja Divakar Fertility Centre, Hyderabad after 14 Long Years of Married Life....πŸ˜Šβ˜˜οΈπŸ‘πŸ™Œ
A Just Born Healthy Surrogacy Baby of a Hyderabad Couple in First Attempt Success @ Dr Padmaja Surrogacy, Hyderabad known as the "BEST SURROGACY CENTRE IN INDIA with 90% SUCCESS RATE" & have 3000 Srrgcy Baby Birth in Just Last 7 Years, including 40% Twins...
Babies & Blessings @ Dr. Padmaja... 11th March - 11th June 2019
Happy parents from Chennai on blessing of baby through @ Dr. Padmaja Fertility, Hyderabad on 06/03/18
A healthy born baby on 08/01/17 @ Dr. Padmaja Fertility for a Hyderabad couple !!!
Happy NRI family from Switzerland on blessing of twins at Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad !!!
Surrogates 60 in one Batch @ Breakfast in the updated n modern Dining Hall.
Inaugural Function of new Additional Building.