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Twins of Waranagal / NRI couple at Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad !!!
US/NRI couple sharing their joy of getting twins through at Dr. Padmaja Fertility, Hyderabad !!!
Twin babies of a doctor couple from Guntur/AP blessed on 26/6/17 @ Dr. Padmaja Fertility, Hyderabad...!!!
Cute little Angel of Hyd couple @ Dr. Padmaja Fertility Centre, Hyderabad blessed on 26/6/17 after so many failed attempts at other reputed centres...!!!
Just born 3Kg baby of Hyd couple through IVF / at Dr. Padmaja Fertlity centre, Hyderabad on 05/06/2017...!!!
An NRI/UK couple sharing their joy and experience after blessing with twins on 21/05/17 at Dr Padmaja Fertlity & Hyderabad...!!!
Cute Twin babies delivered on 29/05/17 for a Mumbai couple at Dr. Padmaja Fertlity Centre, Hyderabad...!!!
Couple from Delhi sharing their joy on blessing of a baby at Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad !!!
Proud Indian Army couple sharing their story on blessing with a baby though @ Dr. Padmaja Divakar on 25/03/2017
Just born twins of Bengaluru couple opted at Dr. Padmaja Fertility(IVF) with an indication of Cervical incompetence !!!
Twins of Assam doctor couple born on 16/5/2017 through at Dr. Padmaja Fertlity Centre, Hyderabad ..!!!
Cute little baby of Karimnagar couple blessed after 10yrs of marriage @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad on 16/05/2017 !!!
Just born twins of a Nagpur couple through at Dr. Padmaja Divakar Hyderabad on 15/5/2017 !!!
3 days old Baby through IVF conception @ Dr. Padmaja Fertlity(IVF), Hyderabad !!!
A just born 2.7kg baby of Bheemavaram/ West Godavari couple opted with an indication of uterus issues @ Dr. Padmaja Fertility, Hyderabad on 19/5/2017
Happy Blore couple blessed with a baby through on 13/05/17 @ Dr Padmaja Fertility, Hyderabad !!!
Just born Baby getting all the love from happy Hyderabad family @ Dr. Padmaja Divakar Hyderabad !!!
Happy Hyd NRI family blessed with a baby after 10 yrs of marriage !!!
A Healthy twins of Kerala couple born trough @ Dr. Padmaja Fertility, Hyderabad...!!!
Just born twins of Markapuram couple on 27/4/2017 @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!