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An elite n generous Delhi Couple in "BABY SHOWER" of their surrogate @ Dr Padmaja Bhongir (TS), joyously gifting fruits to all 150 Surrogates in Srrgt Home, where 100 are carrying...!!!
Divakar Reddy, Mg Director, Dr Padmaja Hyderabad counselling the 150 Surrogates in PFC Surrogate Home, on dos n don'ts on 18-09-2016 @ Bhongir...!!!<
Young, Healthy, Smiling, Poised to Serve others kind of 160 Surrogates(100 carrying) @ Dr Padmaja Centre, Hyderabad at a Counselling Session before 'Sunday Lunch Feast'....addressed by Divakar Reddy, MD@PFC...!!!
USA NRI/Telangana couple sharing their Success in the very first attempt @ Dr. Padmaja Divakar Hyderabad...!!!
Happy family on blessing of a Son sharing their feelings ...!!!
A healthy newborn of a doctor couple from Bhadrachalam..!!!
A healthy new born of a Hyderabad couple though IVF Frozen cycle...!!!
An elated Doctor couple from Assam sharing their Success story...!!!
Happy Bhubaneshwar couples sharing the joy of Patenthood...!!!
Happy Markapuram Family who lost their Son, blessed with a Baby again...!!!
An Elite Hyderabad couple sharing their success @ Dr. Padmaja ...!!!
Happy couple from Kakinada sharing their feelings on blessing with a baby @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
Happy Couple from Kurnool sharing their Success story @ Dr Padmaja Divakar Hyderabad...!!!
A happy Secunderabad couple sharing their emotional moment on blessing of 3.4Kg Male baby @ Dr. Padmaja Divakar Hyderabad...!!!
An elite family of Coimbattore sharing their emotional journey in getting a healthy Male baby @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
A Happy Hyderabad couple with their 2.8Kg Newborn Male baby sharing their success @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
A happy Bahrain couple with their 3.8Kg Female baby sharing their feelings @ Dr. Padmaja Divakar Hyderabad...!!!
An Elate Army couple from Goa, blessed with a Son by arrangement, sharing their experience with Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
Happy Goa Couple with their born Son, sharing their experience @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
Happy Bengali/ Mumbai Parents blessed with Twin Females !!! Coincidentally the mother too having a Twin Sibling !!! "Feeling happy with Twin females"