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Happy Family from Naugarh, Uttar Pradesh sharing their joy of newborn twin Males @ Dr. Padmaja ...!!!
A Healthy 3.3 Kg Baby of a Mogalthuru, AP Couple @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderbad...!!!
An Emotional moment of Couple blessed with a Boy Weighing 3.2Kg sharing the experience @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
A middle aged couple from Cochin, Kerala blessed with Twins - Male & Female sharing their joy @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
An Elate IT Officer Couple from Kolhapur blessed with a Son @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
Happy Bengaluru IT Couple sharing their feelings & Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad...!!!
Cute, Healthy, Super Active Girl Babies of an elite HYDERABAD -BENGALURU - PUNE Families Born @ Dr Padmaja Hyderabad on 22-04-2016....!!!
A KOLKATA NRIs Family Welcoming their Born Twins (Boy&Girl) at Dr Padmaja Hyderabad on 10-4-16....all emtions flowing out n all anxieties are over...Now all Life would be Colouful....!!!
HAPPY MOMENTS of INVITING TGE NEW BORN into the FAMILY....all anxiety n excitement seen ....!!!
Dr. Padmaja Divakar with Assistant Doctors @ Surrogate Home, Bhongir
INAUGURAL CEREMONY of New Additional Building for Home @ Bhongir by Dr. Padmaja Divakar.
An elite North Indian Couple (Faridabad) welcoming their Srrgt Born Twins, a BOY & a GIRL in their conventional way with "BAND BAAJAA" n 'Father Dancing' ...Genetic Parents regaling re diving their babies from Dr. Padmaja Divakar @ Dr. Padmaja Fertility Hyderabad on 4-4-16 !!!
An elite family from Hyderabad regaling in birth of the Srrgt baby @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad
A just born male baby of 3.5kg weight being cleaned up to be given away to his parents @ Dr. Padmaja Hyderabad
BABY SHOWER to a Carrying Surrogate by INTENDING PARENTS (COMMISSIONING COUPLE) of Hyderabad on 2-4-16 @
Dr. Padmaja Centre at Bhongir
A couple with their family from CHENNAI receiving their born Healthy Male Baby @ Dr. Padmaja IVF Hyderabad
A just born healthy Srrgt twins 2.5kg each just before handing over to parents @
Dr. Padmaja Habsiguda Hyderabad in March '16
An elite police officer family enjoying the baby birth through @ Dr. Padmaja Divakar Fertility Centre Hyderabad in March 2016
A Happy Couple welcoming their healthy surrogate Twins on 6-4-16.... A Boy & A Girl, to make their family complete....it's a routine @ Dr Padmaja Fertility (IVF ) to make the life of Commissioning Couples Colourful....!!!