How can a woman tell if she is infertile?

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Just when your marital life begins with new aspirations, new dreams setting up your own family comes along in a great way. It is a wonderful feeling as you begin to live with your husband. Motherhood being a wonderful stage, you love to get pregnant and enjoy the stage of becoming a parent. 

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Though two of you make a family for a newborn, there are few important aspects such as – fertility, good health and diet make a lot of difference. 

Heard of female infertility? 

This is defined as trying to get pregnant and you have been trying hard for a period of a year and there was no success. 

Did you know 10-18 percent of couples find it difficult to get pregnant or have a successful delivery.

Common signs of infertility in women – irregular menstrual cycle, not getting pregnant, or unable to ovulate.

Common signs of infertility in women – women age group between 35 and 40, can discuss your concerns with your doctor. 

Your doctor may want to begin tests and offer treatment. At times, tests may be done on your partner as well and depending on the reports. 

Infertility in women may be caused by irregular menstrual cycle, miscarriages, endometriosis and others. 

However, infertility signs are no longer a cause of worry, but these can be treated with short-term and long-term medical procedures and treatments.

On the other hand, some women may take a little longer to conceive, but they are successful in getting pregnant and therefore, sometimes, it is difficult to confirm that a woman is infertile. 


Women do not agree to the fact that they are infertile, but depending on the signs and symptoms, along with their body conditions, doctors can consider a decision after having conducted few tests as may be required to be prescribed.