How much it costs for ivf treatment in Hyderabad, Telangana, India

IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad

Children are a great gift for you as a couple and it fills a world of joy to start a family. As a mom and dad, your new journey begins and it is surely filled with joy and lots of happiness. For some they want just one son or a daughter while others would like to have two or three children. The smiles, laughter, cheer and every move of your newborn brings new happiness into your life and this phase of journey is a dream come true for a young woman or man.  When in times natural pregnancy is not happening, absolutely no worries as we have most advanced medical technologies especially reproductive assistance technology by way of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and this is a miracle technology for couple who are very passionate about having their babies. Have you ever wondered how much does IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad? 

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Well, that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog post. You will find every bit of detail and information for your easy understanding and you’ll be able to make very good decisions that safeguard and protect yours and your spouse along with the new baby. This is a simple process that is being chosen by many men and women as a family and they are doing very well bringing up their children.

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Clarifying questions about IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad

Some say – Oh. IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad is very expensive and only few can afford it. Have you heard this before?

This is not true.

 There are many factors to understand about IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad and some of these are – young men and women are somewhat hesitant to come up with their questions due to many misconceptions such as – risks in IVF treatment, doubtful of IVF treatment success, lack of knowledge in IVF treatment success and there’s also a notion whether the babies born from IVF treatment are healthy and many other.

Some of the specific questions latest that men and women ask are:

  1. How much does IVF treatment cost?
  1. Is it safe for men and women who are in their late 30s?
  1. Is there any age limit for opting for IVF treatment?
  1. What are the best IVF centres in Hyderabad, Telangana?
  1. How to choose a best IVF doctor for IVF treatment in Hyderabad?
  1. Is it required to join IVF hospital and stay for few days?
  1. What is the IVF success rate?
  1. Can we achieve success in the first IVF attempt?
  1. Can we have multiple children in a single IVF cycle?
  1. Is it safe for couple health to go for IVF treatment?

Why cost is a major concern in IVF Treatment

Did you know the equipment used in IVF treatment that includes microscope, the incubator and other medical equipment especially designed for reproductive assistance technologies is highly sensitive.

It requires exceptional professional expertise to use it in order to take the best advantage of it.

Any lack of knowledge or mishandling of equipment will result in poor performance or failure in achieving the expected results.

Most importantly, the medical equipment used in best IVF centres in Hyderabad, Telangana is imported from other countries such as the U.S., U.K, Germany and such other countries.

Therefore, the cost of this equipment is very heavy and valuable, particularly with the exceptional results it generates in providing successful IVF treatment.

Additionally, the process in which eggs and org are processed to create embryos is also highly technological and advanced, requiring specialized medical experience and vast knowledge with expertise.

IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad is now available at Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center and it is one of the top leading  best Ivf centres in Hyderabad, Telangana.

From the process of diagnosis to tests and IVF cycles, at every step there is excellent care provided by the paramedical team along with assistant doctors.

With over 15 years of experience, Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center is being ranked as one of the best choices for couples who are planning to have test tube babies.

The process of IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad at Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center is approximately in the range between 2.5 Lakhs per cycle depending on the case study. If a donor egg is needed, an additional cost of Rs. 75,000 is considered.

What to know about IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad

As it involves huge costs from thousands of Rs.2.5 Lakhs  sure, it is a great concern and it also involves your health factors. 

Sure, you would be thinking whether it is worth going for IVF treatment and spending such a great amount of money at the cost of your health.

Here there are few important aspects to understand and think about in long term view.

  • It is about you and your spouse to have your own baby by virtue of advanced medical technology that is proven to be safe and secure.
  • Giving birth to your own baby makes a whole lot of difference in your world as a family and it is your dream come true.
  • Specifically with medical professionals  Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center who are quite renowned and highly knowledgeable capable of diagnosing and recommending appropriate and most suitable IVF treatments based on your health records, is so much valuable for your requirement.

 IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad, Telangana, India  as compared to other countries

 Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center which is a leading and one of the  best Ivf centres in Hyderabad, Telangana is providing IVF treatments along with the following other services to serve men and women who were unable to get naturally pregnant for bearing children.

Considered as the best affordable cost as compared to global IVF treatment costs, the cost is bifurcated for each and we will be discussing in detail in the following paragraphs.

It is quite notifying that due to low and affordable prices in IVF treatment hospitals, couples from various countries prefer to choose as their destination for opting IVF treatment.

Further, the care and hospitality that patients receive here is definitely valuable and worth opting for. 

The success of live births has been going higher and higher in India.

Infertility is no longer your concern 

Due to the benefit of the excellent package of  IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad, Telangana, India , infertility is no longer a hindrance for young men and women, who are planning to have their babies by virtue of IVF treatment.

In fact, this is the best recommended treatment for couples who are between the age of 35-50+.

The success of giving births through IVF cycle has been expanding in recent years and the livebirths include – single, twins and triplets.

Therefore, when you choose an IVF hospital, choose  Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center who have not only wide reputation, recognition and technological expertise, but they are given the best guidance, lookafter, care and hospitality to become parents.

Serving couples in the best way through planning, monitoring and supervising, Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center ensures that you receive the best care at the IVF treatment hospital.

This fertility center is certainly recognized for low cost and cost effective IVF treatment.

Resolving infertility issues and prescribing the drugs, medicines and other fertility treatments, is most suitably done with the help of the latest technology equipment.

Not only are the latest technologies applied, but it ensures mitigation of risks to keep away any failure and loss of time.

Average IVF treatment cost in India

 IVF Treatment Cost In Hyderabad, Telangana, India on an average varies between 2.5 Lakh Rupees depending on the additional treatment costs that may be needed depending on the requirement of tests. 

Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center offers various IVF packages depending on the diagnosis and further recommended treatments.

Remember that the final outcome of the IVF treatment cycle is aimed at successful live birth of your newborn.

To briefly state the steps involved in IVF Treatment at Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center are:

  1. After individual diagnosis and test reports, a health report and case study is prepared
  2. Based on individual results drawn from medical diagnosis, drugs, treatments and medicines are prescribed for further process.
  3. After careful observation, Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center will make suitable recommendations of IVF or a combination of treatment based on infertility case of the couple
  4. The cost is also estimated based on reports – IVF is combined with ART techniques such as  ICSI/IMSI/ PICSI/ SSR (TESA, MESA, PESA), LAH, PGD, and IVF treatment with donors.
  5. The total cost may come up to approximately 2.5 Lakh Rupees 
  6. It includes medication, hormonal injections, lab tests, ultrasounds and to the last step of placing an embryo into the womb of female.

Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center the break-up of cost of IVF treatment is also provided here.

Couple’s initial consultationRs.15,000
Oral MedicationRs.15,000
Fertility medication or hormonal injectionsRs.20,000
IVF Cycle, where all the steps are included beginning from a woman’s monitoring until the embryo transferRs.50,000
Physical AssessmentRs.20,000
Follicular MonitoringRs.25,000
Ultrasounds (include vaginal ultrasounds)Rs.10,000
Blood workRs. 5,000
IVF Lab ChargesRs.5,000
Egg Retrieval stepRs.15,000
Embryo transferRs.35,000

Cost of services at Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center

IUI (Artificial Insemination)Rs.15,000 (+ 5k if donor sperm is needed)
IVF TreatmentRs. 2,50,000 Per cycle
ICSI TreatmentRs. 2,50,000 Per cycle
IVF with donor eggsRs. 3,25,000 Per cycle (2.5 Lakhs + 75k for donor egg)
IVF with donor spermRs. 3,25,000 Per cycle (2.5 Lakhs + 5k for donor sperm)
IVF with SSRRs. 2,50,000 per cycle
Donor EggRs. 75,000
Donor spermRs. 5,000
Laser Assisted Hatching of EmbryosRs. (with IVF) 75,000
IVF with PGD techniqueRs.2,50,000 per cycle 

At Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center you will find the features of services at such moderate  IVF treatment Cost In Hyderabad, Telangana, India satisfying you and keeping you comfortable and in good health.

You will receive most personalized care and timely medication during the IVF treatment at the cost of Rs. 2,50,000  with all the steps included.

A comparative view of  IVF treatment Cost In Hyderabad, Telangana, India with other cities in India

CityIVF Cost in Indian Rupees
DelhiINR 1,50,000 – INR 2,20,000
BangaloreINR 1,60,000 – INR 2,20,000
ChennaiINR 1,70,000 – INR 2,20,000
HyderabadINR 1,75,000 – INR 2,30,000
PuneINR 1,50,000 – INR 2,00,000
KolkataINR 1,55,000 – INR 2,20,000
MumbaiINR 1,70,000 – INR 2,35,000

Factors on which you choose best IVF Centres, Hyderabad, Telangana 

How do you choose your best IVF Centres, Hyderabad, Telangana? 

Is it based on cost?

Experience and success of IVF centre?

Testimonials of successful parents

As the IVF treatment cost varies from city to city, choice of the IVF treatment hospitals also makes a lot of difference.

Couples should also check the reviews of the fertility clinics and also consider taking the feedback from the parents who already opted for IVF treatment.

If you notice,  IVF treatment Cost In Hyderabad, Telangana, India not only kept low, but also with sophisticated and latest medical technology equipment used with world-class fertility doctors and assistants where you are assured of good results.

This is the best advantage you will surely receive.

Best IVF centres, Hyderabad Telangana such as Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center brings you not only high quality efficient IVF treatment services, but as compared to other IVF fertility centers, in terms of treatment, experience and success, this is the best IVF fertility center, in Hyderabad Telangana.


IVF treatment is a major decision that involves not only your earnings, health and medical treatment, but it also requires a lot of emotional health and passion to have children as couple. Consulting Dr.Padmaja IVF Fertility center will surely bring you a lot of confidence and boost your energies to stay motivated while you opt for IVF treatment.