Natural Pregnancy After Failed IVF?

Among so many questions that you get to answer, one of the most common question would be – can I get naturally pregnant after a failed IVF?

The simple answer is yes. You can.

Under the guidance and supervision of your IVF fertility doctor and specialist, you can succeed in giving natural birth to your child.

There are many reasons why patients miscarry without treatment, when they are waiting for IVF treatment or when treatment fails.

For example, some patients with unexplained infertility may become more aware of their fertility symptoms after undergoing the IVF process. 

By paying more attention to these signs, they increase the chances of getting pregnant in their bedroom. Other patients may be highly motivated because they don’t want to repeat the IVF process again, so they have double the chance of achieving a natural pregnancy. 

Interestingly, in some patients, the IVF process fails because the uterine lining is not healthy during the cycle; However, they get pregnant naturally, probably because their uterine lining is better in a natural cycle than in an IVF cycle.

It is difficult to find out what problems are in these patients and how it is good after the failure of IVF. What usually happens in these successes seems to be that they are very motivated patients, who did not give up because of the failed IVF process and continued to try hard in a normal way.

The only thing that makes them different from others is how often they have sex. The rule is very simple – your chances of getting pregnant increase if you have sex more often. 

On the contrary, some patients feel frustrated and depressed when the IVF process fails and think that they will not have children, which is not true.

So, what would you do? 

What are the success stories of women who got pregnant naturally after a failed IVF cycle?

Lifestyle choices have been found to make a difference when it comes to conceiving when IVF cycles fail. Smoking 2 cigarettes per day reduced the chance of pregnancy by 44%, while drinking 4 or more cups of caffeinated drinks reduced the chance of pregnancy by 26%. 

Drinking alcohol more than once a week reduces the chance by 26%, while being overweight reduces the chance of pregnancy by 29%. Discuss your lifestyle changes with your doctor to see if these changes can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

See other women’s stories 

I am 40 years old and I am diabetic. I had a failed IVF cycle in October 2008. My husband and I got pregnant in November 2008 (as if by miracle). Now, I am in the 10th week of pregnancy. I wasn’t out of the danger zone until 12 weeks had passed. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any statistics that I can share. However, if a healthy egg is released from your follicles, it is entirely possible to get pregnant after IVF failure. 

You should not lose hope. It is absolutely possible to get pregnant after IVF and IUI treatments fail. I only have one working tube. I didn’t go through 3 IVF and 3 IUI treatments.

 I only have two embryos to transfer during each IVF cycle. The doctors said that my chances of getting pregnant were only 2%. After trying for 2 years, I stopped fertility treatment and continued to live a normal life. 

A year later, when I turned 41, I found out that I was pregnant on my own. 

My pregnancy progressed and I gave birth to a healthy boy. I don’t do acupuncture, I don’t take any kind of medicine, and I believe that if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. I hope you get pregnant too. Please have faith in this belief and be strong.

 Some of the important questions that you would come across to get naturally pregnant after a failed IVF.

  • when will i get period after failed ivf

You will get your menstrual cycle at the same time you expect it. 

  • day 37 no period after failed ivf

Although there are stories of IVF failure, there are still stories of success who kept trying and eventually succeeded. There may be a few health and other reasons for IVF failure.

  • natural pregnancy after failed ivf

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant naturally when the right eggs are released from your follicles

  • ivf failure stories

Although there are stories of IVF failure, there are still stories of success who kept trying and eventually succeeded. There can be a few health and other reasons for IVF failure.

  • depression after failed ivf

There is no need to be depressed when IVF fails. Success stories of couples who have succeeded after failure will encourage you and give you hope and courage.

  • late period after failed ivf could i be pregnant

If the embryo transfer fails, you will have your period at the same time you would expect it.

Men and women go through some difficult phase in their life if their IVF efforts fail. But you must take courage and never give up the hope of having your own baby.

Because, the success stories who gave birth after the age of 40 are real and still happing miraculously. Therefore feel encouraged and stay hopeful.

Seek counseling of your doctor and also ensure your diet and exercise. It is equally important that both of you stay happy and healthy in your marital life to go through the next phase of giving birth naturally to your baby.


Sometimes, when IVF fails, you must not be discouraged. Keep trying after finding out the reasons and work on those weak areas of failure. Following the guidelines and advice given by your IVF specialist can be a lot of help to give birth to your child with healthy pregnancy. Also, the miracle chance of giving natural birth to your new born is also quite encouraging for you to keep up the hope.