What to do if your first IVF cycle fails?

Best Ivf centres in Nanded

Have you visited some of the Best IVF centre in Telangana? Sure you have connected with the doctors and other medical staff to find out more about how the process of natural cycle IVF treatment works. You are now very confident that everything works for your good and that you will be able to achieve a successful pregnancy. The entire process of IVF treatment takes time and it also requires a lot of planning and implementation after medical examination of tests and medical prescription.

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During the process of IVF cycle to create embryos, a lot of care is administered till the process of egg fertilization and placing embryos back into the woman’s womb. Every effort is ensured to prepare top quality embryos by following the Steps of IVF treatment cycle.

You will surely be explained about the successful process of IVF and step-wise execution.

However, though the success rates of IVF are improving, on the other hand, failure can also likely occur and most often IVF cycles surely see very successful outcomes as well.

Preparing for the IVF treatment and guidance along with advice to patients is necessary, though the patient may be experiencing physical and emotional side effects, it can be a difficult stage to go through.

With high-quality embryos in frozen state, Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) will surely be a success, while some experience IVF failure in the initial attempt. But reasons do arise, to discuss and disclose some of the best reasons behind the failure of IVF cycle.

A failure is likely to occur, if the step of IVF procedure is not allowing the patient to respond in the normal way. The most important variable involved in the successful cycle, leaves an impact on the chance of pregnancy with IVF. 

There are also various reasons behind the cycle failure and some of these to be listed are:

  • The size of the egg appears abnormal
  • There are sperm abnormalities
  • There is failure in implantation
  • There are no sufficient eggs
  • There is an issue during egg retrieval

What to do in that instance when you have to confront IVF failure? You should be very kind to yourself and start putting some of the best efforts in taking time off from the treatment and stay relaxed. 

You also need to think and reassess, did I do the right thing? Review all of the actions during the IVF cycle stage and get most of the yes answers. 

But never put blame on yourself. Also avoid sharing it with anyone, as it builds your emotional imbalance. It is better to stay calm and quiet. But stay close to your family and friends. 


Try for another IVF cycle and put good efforts to make it success and together both of you should discuss and work on it carefully. This works for your safety and good health. Pay more attention and take extra measure of care to work on the second IVF cycle so that you achieve success.