Ramesh and Ramya delivered IVF new born baby at one of the best IVF treatment centres in Hyderabad. Their baby was born after a long gap of five years after their marriage. They had no limits for their happiness. As you know the process of best IVF treatment is a step-by-step process and it requires excellent medical care and monitoring.

When pregnancy becomes a difficulty among women, couple choose to go for advanced IVF treatment as the results are very promising and there are many successful babies who are born healthy with IVF treatment and they are healthy.

How do parents receive the IVF born?

Ramesh and Renu from Hyderabad are full of joy as they cuddle their new born boy. They are so glad their efforts in receiving the best IVF treatment in one of the best IVF center & fertility clinics in Hyderabad went successfully and they are not only healthy and happy, but their addition to the family has filled their life.

Their new home is full of joy and they have arranged a new atmosphere for their boy. When we asked some questions – Ramesh and Renu had their answers to inspire other couple.

  1. Hello Ramesh garu, how are you doing and how are you feeling with the new promotion of dad feeling?

I’m very happy and excited. Never thought that I will be blessed with such a handsome and healthy son. My life is filled with a lot of planning now as I think of my son. 

  1. Your son was born with IVF treatment at one of the best IVF center & fertility clinics in Hyderabad. Right?

Yes. That’s correct.  Initially I was a bit hesitant and almost made a decision to give up becoming a parent. 

But the best IVF centres in Hyderabad encouraged and inspired us that with the help of best medical treatments, it is possible to have children and there is hope for the couple who wish to become parents, though they have some health issues in having a successful pregnancy. Glad, our doctor was very kind and courteous in guiding us to choose IVF treatment and did every medical support and service to be successful in IVF treatment and pregnancy. 

  1. How’s your health now?

My health is absolutely fine. My diet is normal and I’m able to take care of my duties. Come home and spend time with my son and lead a life without any further medical complications. I never thought the procedure would be so easy and fine. But when I see my boy, it fills a dream and I’m so glad that my wife and I made a decision to approach the best IVF treatment in Hyderabad. We will be grateful to the doctors.

  1. Hello Doctor, you have done successful IVF treatment to Renu and Ramesh and they have their new born now. Do you think IVF babies are talented?

Yes, absolutely. Genetically, they are more healthy and active similar to the naturally born babies, and there is no segmentation in that view. Secondly, the family atmosphere in which IVF babies are groomed helps them become very talented and in fact they are very intellectual. The care with which IVF babies are nurtured, although in a medically proven system, it is no less than natural mother and baby and they are absolutely full of health and receive closely monitoring medical care until the baby is born. 

  1. Hello Renu garu,  Congratulations to you for being blessed with a boy. You are a proud mother. How are you feeling now?

Thank you. I’m so happy and relaxed. My boy filled my world. Never thought  IVF treatment center makes it so much easier for me and my husband to be blessed with a newborn. We were so worried as it was five long years and I was not getting pregnant. My husband and I convey our deepest appreciation to the advanced IVF treatment center in Hyderabad. We’re very grateful for their dedicated medical services.  I’m able to feed my son, take care of him and look after my health as well. 

This was such a pleasant experience for us to become parents. My husband and I definitely recommend IVF treatment for the parents who have been long waiting to become parents. 


Best infertility treatments in Hyderabad, brings many solutions to the childless couple. IVF treatment began in the 1960s and over a period of six decades, advanced IVF treatment has delivered many healthy babies to many couples globally and new IVF techniques have been emerging simplifying the procedures.