What fertility treatment is best?

Best IVF Center in Hyderabad

Now that you understand a little bit more about best fertility services for couples available at Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center, it is important to get more information about the treatments available and find out more about each treatment. It is must also be noted that it is always under the consultation of doctors, you get to know whether you need best fertility services for couples after conducting a series of medical tests, physical examination, sperm and egg analysis and the overall health of couple.

Medical History and Physical Exam

This is the most important area for best fertility services for couples to take physical exam, check medical history. The doctor ensures that the process of ovulation is achieved regularly and ovaries are releasing eggs. Accordingly blood tests are taken to measure hormone levels. Further, ovaries and uterus are examined by ultrasound, and a specific x-ray test can also be done to check the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Nearly 80% of couples experience the cause of infertility as either ovulation problem, blockage of fallopian tubes or a sperm problem. In 5%-15% of couples, all tests appear normal and sometimes causes is never identified.

 Treatments of Infertility

While there are innumerable methods to treat infertility and receive successful pregnancy, you will find the following Best fertility services for couples at Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center and these are:

– Infertility treatment

– IUI (Intra Ultreine Insemination)

– IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

– ICSI (Intracytiokasnuc sperm inj)

– Surrogacy

– Laser hatching

– PGD/PGS Genetic tests

– Embryo donation

– HSG/Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy

– Egg (Ocyte) donation

– Andrology

– Blastocyst culture

– Semen Banking

– Test Tube Baby Centre

Treatments available

Some of the popular and World best infertility treatment methods available are:

For Men

– Surgery which is widening of the veins in the scrotum or a blockage in the vas deferens, which are tubes that carry sperm.

– There are also antibiotics to treat infections in the reproductive organs.

– Further medications and counseling provide solutions to treatment any kind of dysfunctions.

–  Hormone treatments if there is a deficiency of certain hormones.

For Women

Infertility among women is treated with:

– Fertility drugs and hormones to help the women ovulate or restore various levels of hormones.

– Sometimes surgery is performed to remove the tissue that is blocking fertility such as endometriosis or to open blocked fallopian tubes.

– Infertility in men and women is treated with assisted reproductive technology, also called as A.R.T. And some of the types of A.R.T are:

– IUI (Intrauterine insemination) which is – the collection of sperm and it is placed directly inside the woman’s uterus which she is ovulating.

– IVF (In vitro fertilization) – The sperm and egg are collected and they are placed together in a lab. The fertilized egg grows in 3 ot 5 days. Thereafter the embryo is placed in woman’s uterus.

– GIFT (Gamete intrafallopian transfer) and ZIFT (Zygote intrafallopian transfer): The sperm and egg are collected and placed in a fallopian tube. With GIFT, both sperm and eggs are placed into the fallopian tube. With ZIFT, the sperm and eggs are brought together in a lab and thereafter a fertilized egg is placed into the tube at 24 hours.

Infertility Cure for successful Birth of Baby

With the vast number of infertility treatments available, you can now be assured that World best infertility treatment is available for you to have your baby with no difficulty and this is a wonderful news for you. By consulting in time and by following the process and procedures prescribed by Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center you are successful in having your naturally born baby.

Further the cure for infertility is a another relief so that you can have more babies at later time depending on your age. This is also quite an encouraging news for you. You can give a gap of 2-3 years before you plan for your next baby and by taking good care of your health, you can achieve your family goals.


Available at the heart of the city, Hyderabad, you will find that Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center is quite a popular IVF centre for couples who are planning for a baby and with many success stories of new born babies of couples, you will receive best consultation, advice and treatment for becoming parents.