Can I get pregnant with PCOS?

What is PCOS? PCOS is a condition rarely seen among women as – polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and this condition can affect one’s ability to get pregnant naturally if it remains untreated. There are plenty of health tips available to best get pregnant with PCOS.

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Signs of PCOS

Women who experience PCOS come across hormonal imbalance, missed periods, and cysts in the ovaries and this can affect fertility and pregnancy.


Getting pregnant naturally with PCOS is possible with the use of Pcos diet for pregnancy success, exercise for pcos to get pregnant and also natural therapies such as herbal remedies, fertility foods and specific nutritional supplements. All of these resources help in balancing the hormones and also address the condition of PCOS naturally without leaving the side effects of fertility drugs. 

When does a PCOS problem occur?

When you are not ovulating every month, it becomes hard to get pregnant.

  • When you have irregular periods and sometimes these are either too short or for too long.
  • Experiencing the absence of periods for more than three months.
  • May be having small ovarian cysts of 2-9 mm in diameter. As a result, the eggs do not mature properly.
  • Having immature follicles

Trying a natural approach to achieve a balanced hormonal level, is best recommended prior to the testing of fertility drugs and fertility treatments that may be causing severe side effects and can even put your hormonal levels in greater balance.

Chances of getting pregnant with PCOS with the help of natural fertility treatments is very good when you follow the guidelines properly for a few months. Majority of women who are having PCOS are still successful in conceiving with healthy babies once they ovulate regularly.

Being Optimistic with PCOS

It is not a worrisome issue, if you get diagnosed with PCOS and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about your chances of getting pregnant with PCOS. True that PCOS can be a hindrance among the vast majority of women who dream about motherhood.

Some of the questions that you still come across is – how long is it going to take? How healthy is your pregnancy going to be? And will your baby get the best start it needs for a healthy life?

It may take long or short to overcome the pressing concern of PCOS infertility and throughout this experience, it is important to stay positive and happy.

Conception and gestation are the two essential steps for successful pregnancy. But with PCOS, pregnancy becomes a difficult issue and may take time to reach the successful phase of healthy pregnancy.

In medical terms PCOS is four types – 

  • Frank PCOS
  • Ovulatory PCOS
  • Normal Androgens PCOS
  • Non-polycystic ovary PCOS

The absence of periods or irregular periods require re-starting ovulation which is the key to most women with PCOS that is required to have children.  

Getting regular periods is most important to produce quality eggs. Women with PCOS face a lot of trouble in producing high-quality eggs and this is one of the main causes of infertility. Poor egg quality means it is harder for an egg to implant and if it is successful, it is likely that you may miscarry. 

After the completion of essential stages of conception, to successfully fertilize a viable egg, the next step involves implantation in the uterus. Successful implantation of a healthy embryo requires an admissible endometrium and a synchronized dialog between the mother and baby-to-be-born. Many fertility specialists recommend moving to IVF, but there can be issues with eggs.This is a required process as glucose metabolism is proven to be important for ensuring the endometrium is ready. 

Further it is also true that issues like obesity is a major factor in infertility even without PCOS and obesity is likely to induce inflammation in the ovaries. This is apparent in women with PCOS as it not only reduces egg quality, but also chronic inflammation is possible.


Best get pregnant with pcos is successfully achievable when you make positive lifestyle changes and these are – diet and exercise. There is a specific pcos diet for pregnancy success to make positive lifestyle changes which is a key to manage PCOS. Exercise for pcos to get pregnant is also an essential aspect and needs to be addressed for the lifestyle changes to be successful.