Can IVF work with low AMH?

Women who are in their late 30s and 40s , experience the issues of Low AMH success stories  IndiaGetting pregnant with a healthy baby becomes very difficult and you look for answers from doctors. You may also have many questions to ask doctors – How can I increase AMH levels naturally, will IVF work for me? How can I get fertility treatment? Are there any low AMH success stories India

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What is Low AMH?

To begin with a test, on the third of your menstrual cycle, doctors perform your blood hormone levels to test your fertility potential.  Women with a low AMH need to get the test AMH levels which is an important hormone released by the follicles in your ovaries. The amount of AMH relates to ovarian reserve or the number of follicle cells you have.  This is a way for doctors to estimate ovarian chances for pregnancy with IVF. Each follicle is a fluid-filled bag that has one immature egg and during ovulation, the follicle releases a mature egg. 

Low ovarian reserve treatment in Hyderabad offers treatment to improve AMH levels. These situations mostly appear after puberty and mostly visible in the course of reproductive years. It is also important to note that after reaching the menopause, the levels of AMH are almost undetectable.

To understand low AMH levels and fertility treatment, it is important to understand the normal AMH levels.

Adult women have the following AMH levels prior to menopause.

AMH Blood Level         Indication of Level

Above 3.0 ng/ml        High

Above 1.0 ng/ml        Normal

Above 1.0 ng/ml        Normal

0.7-0.9 ng/ml        Below Normal

0.3-0.6 ng/ml        Low

The Process

Low AMH levels and fertility treatment begins with a blood test for anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) level.  Getting pregnant with low AMH is possible and this is why IVF for women with low AMH levels is recommended. Women under the age 35, the percentage who were able to get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels ranged from 28 to 41%, as a study indicates. 

Natural pregnancy is possible with low AMH levels. For many women, egg donor is not an option because of financial costs or the desire to have one’s own biological child. To achieve, you must work on increasing chances to get pregnant with IVF for women with low AMH levels. 

Improve AMH Levels

How to improve AMH levels naturally? There are many natural, herbal-based solutions for low AMH, and a few studies help with the use of specific herbs in raising AMH levels. Increase AMH levels naturally with curcumin that has excellent therapeutic compounds found in turmeric. It protects against premature ovarian failure. Turmeric, a plant of the ginger family is most commonly used in cooking as a spice. It can also be used in hot water for the preparation of turmeric tea. Adding fresh turmeric in the food preparation is also highly recommended.

Consuming  unprocessed and nutrient-based foods like wild fish, organic vegetables, grass-fed meat, and healthy fats helps in raising low AMH levels. 

Limit fried foods, omega-6 oils such as corn, soybean, and sunflower oils. 

Treatment for low AMH

Low ovarian reserve treatment in Hyderabad is available at an affordable cost and there are many Low AMH success stories India who received the treatment successfully. Low AMH primarily means loss of fertility and treatments require IVF together with hormone treatment. Additionally, some patients may also be advised that egg donation is also a good option worth considering. A good AMH level for IVF is within the normal range for a woman under 38. There are excellent fertility medicines for ovaries to respond well and this requires a blood test to measure the levels of either FSH or AMH and further clinical advice to diagnose whether IVF is the best treatment.


Low AMH levels and fertility treatment is the best ideal solution for women and with the guideline and supervision of doctors and health specialists, IVF for women with low AMH levels can be procedurally done for successful results.  Low AMH IVF success stories indicate and confirm that low AMH is no longer a pressing as there are drugs, IVF treatments and natural diet is also helpful in improving AMH levels.