Can IVF claim insurance?

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When you are choosing IVF treatment which is an expensive medical treatment for pregnancy, you definitely need IVF insurance coverage in India. How does it work and what is the procedure? Let us discuss all about Insurance coverage for IVF treatment in this blog post.

Health insurance is of great importance especially when it comes to the treatment of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as this has grown rapidly and is currently in demand. 

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Couples who wish to choose IVF and surrogacy spend a heavy amount of anywhere between 2 Lakhs and more in India. This includes hospital expenses, treatment tests and diet etc., 

Health insurance plans are many offered by different insurance companies and particularly, some of the highly in demand health insurance plans can give you good coverage of your health. These comprehensive health insurance plans are available in companies like Magma HDI General Insurance Company Ltd., New India Assurance, Bharatiya Mahila Bank and many others.

Exclusively for IVF insurance coverage in India, you can choose a good health insurance product that safely and securely takes care of your IVF treatment expenses and if anything unforeseen occurs, you get the entire insurance amount saving your earnings and also your health.

Further, it also keeps you  safe to choose to put efforts on trying for another IVF treatment cycle.

Infertility insurance for IVF treatments are specialized treatments where couples have to go through a cycle of different tests, medical guidance and observance as a process not only time, but it also involves a lot of physical exertion. 

It takes a good understanding to find out about the IVF fertility hospitals and clinics. While there are many best IVF hospitals in Hyderabad, establishing good communication via consultation between you and your doctor is important. 

When there is a good trust between a doctor and patient, it makes the medical care much easier.

Further, disclosure of health records, diet, lifestyle and all else, helps your doctor to understand you better and further diagnosis and recommendations in choosing a specific IVF treatment.

Factors considered to choose an insurance plan are:

If the sum assured is Rs. 1 Lakh to 5 Lakhs

Insurance coverage includes infertility, maternity expenses, salvage from critical health issues, illness during treatment, hospitalization, gynec check, obesity or any other issues etc., 

Depending on the age, health records and other factors, including sum assured, premium amount is fixed.

This is a great benefit and safely helps you to go for fertility treatment.


IVF insurance is crucially important, particularly when the treatment involves large amounts of your earnings, it is important to safely use it and ensure that the treatment is achieved successfully to welcome a newborn into your home. Both of you as a couple, put in a lot of effort, emotional and physical efforts to achieve successful pregnancy through IVF treatment. Therefore, insurance is a must and choosing a good plan helps you to carefully achieve success.