Getting Pregnant After 35 Naturally?

Due to many reasons, young men and women are now getting married in their early 30s or sometimes in mid 30s. But if you are successfully married and planning to have children in your mid 30s or after 35, it requires a little bit of planning and good diet that make you get pregnant. 

As you know, the period of Covid-19 pandemic made it much harder for young people to get married due to lockdown and if you live abroad, traveling restrictions delayed marriages for many. 

Currently, UN data shows that median age is varying for different countries as it ranges as 36 for grooms and 34 for brides.

However, there are few other countries in Africa and Asia, now early marriages are taking place. 

Medical experts advise you to plan for children early 30s or mid 30s to get pregnant and with the regular diet, exercise and following the ovulation window period, you will be successful in becoming parents. 

Further, there is a lot of guidance available from natural birth experts who program your menstrual cycle and ovulation period, guiding you through the process to get naturally pregnant.

Therefore getting pregnant after 35 naturally is definitely recommended.

There are few guidelines and tips available which are very easy to follow and these are very convenient for you.

Consider a counseling from a natural birth specialist who understands about your health. On a steady pace, by following the tutorials, you will be able to get pregnant naturally.

These tutorials include a lot about your observe your intake of diet, which must include plenty of vegetables, fruits, meat and greens, you will also need to follow the guidelines about ovulation period where the scope to conceive is more.

Early signs of pregnancy after 35

Have you missed your period?  It is one of the most common sign of early pregnancy symptom. If you spot light bleeding, this is also a sign of conception.  This generally occurs around 6 to 12 days after a baby is conceived. It is always good to check with your healthcare professional to determine these signs. 

It is also true that some women already feel a positive change in their body such as a bit enlarged belly, missing periods and a good glow in face. 

Other signs are morning sickness and sometimes nausea.

Getting pregnant at 35 tips

There are few very important tips to get pregnant at 35 and these are –

  • Fix an appointment with your healthcare professional and follow the advice. Seek answers to some of the questions that you may have about yours or spouse health. Questions on how to boost conception levels and specific diet care to improve fertility rate and other tips.
  • Prenatal care is most discussed about and this includes the intake of prenatal vitamins for you to improve and speed up getting pregnant. 
  • Your diet plays an important role to get pregnant. You need more folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin D and other essential nutrients.
  • Make it a daily practice to include these vitamins.
  • Gain weight wisely and this means those extra pounds should be according to your height and age. Calculate your BMI as well. Seek the advice of your healthcare provider.
  • Stay active.

Pregnancy after 35 success stories

Getting pregnant after 35 is now easy and very safe at Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic. She is a very experienced IVF specialist with advanced knowledge in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology).

With more than 15 years of experience in ART, you can view many successful stories of couple across India and abroad.

Watch some of the success stories here:

Second pregnancy after 35

Have you been trying for second pregnancy after 35?  There are few important health tips that include – your diet, exercise, sleep cycle and menstrual cycle that requires good care to get pregnant.

As you were already successful in your first pregnancy and successful delivery, it should not be a difficult process, except to the fact that it requires good health care on a daily basis to get pregnant.

Getting pregnant at 37 naturally

This is absolutely possible now to get pregnant at the age of 37 and you will be successful to conceive naturally. Please ensure to keep your BMI in an appropriate level and follow the nutrition of balanced diet. This will help boost your fertility.

Quit smoking and avoid alcohol.

When ovaries release an egg, follow the fertile window to improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Pregnant at 38 years old what to expect

Surely, you can get pregnant at the age of 38. It can happen naturally within the 12 menstrual cycles and according to a data nearly 82 percent of couples are successful within the first year of marriage. Nearly 51 percent of couple who did not succeed in the first year, were successful in their second year of trying.

So this is a good news for you. Stay positive in your pregnancy efforts.

Getting pregnant at 37 tips

Health care experts offer plenty of successful tips in respect of your daily diet that must include fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and greens. Add these as much as you can in your daily diet.  Also get plenty of sleep and exercise daily. When it comes to exercise, seek the advise of your healthcare expert who can recommend some of the best tips on that.

Getting naturally pregnant at 37, is achieved successfully by many couple and even sometimes twins or triplets are also born. So, keep working on that positively and follow the planning and tips of your doctor. 

Men and women continue to stay young physically in these times as the process of aging has slow down due to the availability of good diet. 


Never be worried or be more concerned of not getting pregnant. It is possible now to have your own child in mid 30s or after 35, as there are excellent pregnancy systems available that are proving to be very valuable in having healthy babies.