How Does it Affect Fertility In Men?

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Why IVF treatment is needed?

There may be many health reasons for this and some of the most popular causes are – lack of nutrition, overweight, age factor and in some health profiles you will also come across men who have fertility issues. Male infertility sperm donor are considered when such issues arise in rare cases. However, it depends on the profile and health records of couple.

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Foods that promote fertility in men

Three foods can boost male fertility and improve sperm health 

1. Fish 

The benefits associated with fish for sperm health may be due to the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids they contain, but the role of fish in sperm health is not fully understood. Eating fish may help if it is an alternative to red and/or processed meat.

2. Fruits and vegetables 

Fertility clinic showed that men who ate more fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and legumes, had higher sperm counts and feel better compared to those who eat less. these foods. 

It is not surprising since in general, foods from plants are rich in antioxidants such as co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C, and lycopene. These micronutrients have been linked to higher sperm count. 

Many studies have shown that co-enzyme  supplementation can affect sperm health, but ultimately, we need more studies to make definitive recommendations. 

3. Walnuts

The intake of walnuts on a regular basis, you will notice a good improvement in sperm strength.

Foods to avoid for better fertility in men 

Before talking about foods that can affect sperm health, it should be noted that most nutrition studies are not designed to show that eating certain foods causes disease; 

1. Processed meat 

Processed red meat is never recommended as it decreases sperm count and decreased sperm motility. It is not known how these foods affect sperm, but the effect seems to be negative. It should be noted that one of these studies found that there is no relationship between chicken consumption and reduced sperm health.

2. Soy products

Soy products contain phytoestrogens, estrogen-like compounds from plants. Drinking too much of soy products can reduce sperm count.

3.Dairy products are high in fat 

In one of the studies, it was shown that high fat milk, cream and cheese are also likely to decrease in sperm quality and this can be due to several medical treatments carried on to cows and buffaloes.

Health and nutrition at Infertility centres

Infertility treatment center,  Dr.Padmaja IVF Clinic exclusively work on your health and nutrition if you are lacking adequaate sperm count. With the proper guidelines and diet chart as given by our diet specialists, you can certainly make an improvement and receive the best health for working on getting pregnant.

As this is most crucial and most important phase of your life, your cooperation is much required in following diet restrictions wherever may be possible in consuming fertility-favor diet and avoiding infertility food.

What can you do about it in your daily diet?

Consider the diet tips offered by IVF fertility hospital Dr.Padmaja IVF Clinic as the specialists here check your health profile and medical tests whereupon which you will be given properly charted diet that boosts your health.

It is important that you follow it on a daily basis to mark regular improvement. Further, periodical check ups confirming the improvement of your sperm is also essential.

This further helps in making a decision the type of fertility treatment that is recommended at Dr.Padmaja IVF Clinic for you in an appropriate time.

Taking this forward, the entire process may take up to 6-8 months or less depending on your health  and age factor. However, you have to stay safe in your health and keep your emotionally and physically fit and healthy to benefit from the IVF treatment center.

Blood Test and other fertility tests as may be required are carried out and appropriately reports are analyzed and examined.

Further based on the fertility health as indicated in your reports, treatments are recommended to improve the quality, count and nutrition is ensured.

With vast experience and adequate medical efficiencies available at 

  Dr.Padmaja IVF Clinic, you can certainly receive good fertility treatment and you can be assured that you would be successful in making your spouse pregnant.

Having health questions? Or seeking clarifications about IVF treatment and fertility. Consult   Dr.Padmaja IVF Clinic and get all your answers for the best results. Not only you will enjoy good health, but you will receive some of the best IVF treatment that is available in Hyderabad for best results. Consult now and find out more about your fertility health.