What Type Of Ivf Will Be Performed?

With excellent advancement in medical technology, the ART (Assistive Reproductive Technology) has come a long way with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) which has proved to be an excellent medium to get pregnant.  As many couple choose to have their family, IVF has helped globally to successfully bear children.

A new norm for successful conception

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a medium for successful conception through different phases of IVF process. Simply to explain, IVF is a process where eggs and sperm are brought together in a laboratory. Under the supervision of IVF specialists, fertilized eggs are implanted back into the uterus of a woman to get successfully pregnant.

Understanding the cost of IVF

How much does it cost? Ask many couple and this is a common question.  Going by your budget, location of IVF best hospital, you can consult the clinic for more details on the process of IVF.

Primarily, if you have set your budget for choosing IVF treatment, the next step is to choose a reputed and experienced IVF specialist for choosing the type of IVF that fits your health profile.

In this process, it is important to note that both of the couple’s health history will be taken into consideration for determining the type of IVF.

Now, let us briefly understand different types of IVF treatments available.

  1. Natural IVF

This type of Natural IVF artificially absorbs multiple eggs and multiple embryos. This helps in increasing the chance of getting pregnant successfully. Without using any simulation drugs this Natural IVF helps your body to select your best egg. This is most preferable for many couples due to its low cost budget and this can also be repeated. The average cost of a Natural IVF treatment in India is Rs. 50,000

  1. IVF + Frozen Embryo Transfer

If you searching for IVF center near me for another type of IVF and that is IVF + Frozen Embryo Transfer  (FET), in this means one or more frozen embryos are thawed and transferred to uterus. FET type of IVF is an option that many women choose who plan to postpone their pregnancy to a later point of time.

There’s a 60% pregnancy rate per embryo transfer among patients who are less than 35 years old and for women who are over the age of 40 years have 20% of pregnancy rate per embryo transfer.

It requires two weeks of waiting time for couple who are opting for this type of IVF. This model of IVF FET treatment costs between Rs. 40,000 to 70,000.

  1. IVF + Elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET)

IVF center where this type of treatment is offered, it contains a process where a woman chooses a single embryo from the multiple embryos available to place in the fallopian tube to get successfully pregnant. This is a very successful process and it definitely brings high level of pregnancy. 

  1. Donor Egg IVF

IVF fertility center also offers donor egg IVF process where the embryos of a young and fertile donor are implanted in the fallopian tube of IVF recipient,.  There’s nearly 41 to 43% of success for women under 35 years to have successful baby if they choose to go for donor egg IVF.  The cost of of type of IVF is Rs. 35,000 to 50,000.

  1. Donor sperm IVF

IVF doctor in this type of IVF, suggests to choose a donor sperm to couple when there’s no scope of retrieving the sperm naturally or through surgery.  There are two ways in which a sperm can be used. Either it can be used to inseminate the woman with the help of IUI or to fertilize the eggs in her with an IVF process. Donor sperm is aimed at to place into the recipient’s uterus at the time of natural ovulation. Within two weeks, the recipient can take the pregnancy test once the sperm is in place. The average cost of donor sperm insemination is between Rs. 10,000 to 15,000.

  1. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This type of IVF works as a single sperm is directly injected into the cytoplasm of a mature egg. In cases where there is male infertility, this method comes into practice.  Further this is also recommended when there is a low sperm count or different sperm shape.  The average cost of ICSI is Rs. 70,000 to 3,00,000.

While all of the above discussed IVF types are very successfully carried out, by IVF fertility center, it is also dependent on each health profile of couple and depending on the identification of requirement for successful pregnancy, IVF specialist will be recommending on the type of IVF that would be ideal.

Further, it is also important for couple to maintain healthy record by consuming nutrition diet, exercise and keeping themselves emotionally happy during the IVF process for successful results.

Choosing the type of IVF also helps in setting your budget and further expenses for treatment. 

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