Thousands of women miss IVF treatment due to pandemic

fertility treatments in pandemic

On a global level, there is a heavy impact on men and women of all age groups due to pandemic and ever since it started in January, 2020, many countries went into lockdown to stay safe and this has been continuing until now and it is likely that doctors would continue to recommend to wait until the pandemic period is over to have family planning. As Fertility treatments in pandemic become more difficult and unsafe, it would be ideal to follow the advice of doctors for positive decisions.

The outbreak of Coronavirus

All of year 2020 so far has been a period of pandemic and globally there is a deep impact on men and women due to Coronavirus outbreak. With very less scope available at the end of common people, very little we can talk except making note of news updates and developments happening in India and across the world.

People have been maintaining social distancing, washing hands and wearing face masks.  This has come up as a huge development in order to stay safe from Coronavirus and these safety precautions have been recommended by World Health Organization and many international health agencies to stay safe and protected from the virus.

The views and opinions of women

Thousands due to fertility women have been facing difficulty in their decisions to choose baby planning, while others were waiting to work on Fertility treatments in pandemic. But this aspect did not work as doctors began to suggest to stay safe from getting pregnant due to risks associated with pandemic.

 Some women expressed dissatisfaction and unhappiness for lack of access to

IVF treatment due to pandemic and the fact that they have to wait until the pandemic is over and safety measures are secure to choose IVF treatment.

Mixed views on career and family

As many men and women began to work from home, not only they find lack of time, but it is mostly an hour of decision whether to make a career or plan family. Most of them preferred to move on with career as there is lot of risk associated with planning for a baby in this pandemic period.

Additionally men began to work extra hours and working late makes them tired and they cannot dedicate personal time with the family. Some couples plan to have a second child and while managing their first child, they are unable to decide whether this is a good time to plan for a second child.

Men and women with the age group of 24-35 have been experiencing these issues in respect of their family, job and work at home tasks.

Low Birth Rate

An overall view is in this year with Coronavirus on high scale, there is a low birth rate of babies on record worldwide as compared to year 2019.

Unable to make decisions, many couple are of the opinion that in the current phase, it is good stay safe and plan for babies at a later time.

IVF Treatment

While natural baby birth underway, on the other side, couple have been searching for IVF treatments as well and due to pandemic period, they have been missing and not able to access.  Certainly, there is no alternative to IVF treatment due to pandemic.

We can conclusively say that this period has left a negative impact on couple who were interesting in finding out about choosing fertility treatments in pandemic.


While the risk assessment is already done, extra measures of care taken at Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center can produce good results for couples when they choose to go for IVF treatment. With vast expertise and experience and having successfully managed many IVF treatment patients, every care is considered from sanitization to successful IVF procedures and to the birth of the baby. Delivering confidence among couples about various treatments and boosting their interests is also one of the service motives of Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center. However, it is important to carefully examine and observe the guidelines issued by Government in respect of Covid-19 and follow the guidelines while travelling and meeting doctors for various treatments. It will work very successfully for parents and children enabling them to stay safe for better future planning. Further this is most crucial and very important in this period.