Where can I get IVF treatment?

Among the reputed IVF hospitals and clinics Hyderabad Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center is a well-established IVF hospitals and clinics. With successful track record of thousands of new born babies delivered through several fertility treatments, this is the best choice for couple who are planning to have their baby with the help of fertility treatment.

Located in the heart of the city, this is an ideal clinic for your requirement. This is among the best hospitals with IVF specialists providing advanced IVF treatment. Some of the top services added here include:

– Infertility treatment

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

– IVF (Invitro fertilisation

– ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm inj)

– Surrogacy

– Maternity care

– Laser hatching

– PGD/PGS Genetic tests

– Embryo donation

– HSG/Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy

– Egg (Ocyte) donation

– Andrology

– Blastocyst culture

– Semen banking

– Test Tube baby centre

The success stories of New Born at Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center parents have experienced excellent support and treatment and have joined their new families. The growth story is well built on services couple received and their satisfaction. With over 90% of success given to couple with new born babies and some of them were twin-babies that even much more contributed doubling the happiness of parents.

Serving not only Indians, but across other nations,  Dr Padmaja IVF CentreIVF hospitals and clinics has welcomed foreign nationals who received successful IVF treatment. Decades of experience, along with specialized knowledge with added infrastructure and technology equipment along with sophisticated clinic facilities with staff more than 50 has brought ample of recognition and reputation.

The Best Family Care and Home Environment

When you access the services of IVF hospitals and clinics Hyderabad, you will find feel at home atmosphere at Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center as the staff here are well trained for patient care guiding you at every step and especially the assistant doctors provide you assistance during every step of treatment making you feel absolutely comfortable.

Outstation couple warm welcome

Visiting from outstation? You are welcome to stay with us. We provide you with accommodation and meal arrangements. Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center takes care of your stay until the consultation and treatment are complete. You will further receive complete check up and counselling with advice, tips and treatment recommendations, if required.

Among the Best Hospitals with IVF specialists providing advanced IVF treatment

With excellent reviews from parents, there are hundreds of testimonials, photographs and videos from new born parents who were previously childless are now successfully blessed with their babies and they joy is simply doubled.

With long record of success coming from many couple who were determined and committed to the ambition of becoming parents have approached IVF hospitals and clinics Hyderabad among whom Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center is a popular clinic among IVF hospitals and clinics.

Sophisticated and Advanced Technology Equipment

Treatments for infertility are many as recommended by IVF specialists and this requires vast technology equipment, labs, infrastructure, and excellent atmosphere. This enables couple to stay satisfied while undergoing treatment. Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center provides excellent ambience,  staff, workers and infrastructure to assist parents to go through the fertility treatment safely achieving successful parents.

With decades of experience, they have been maintaining the clinic in an excellent environment free from any kind disruption.


Choose Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center that is a promising brand for IVF hospitals and clinics. Being a first choice of many, the clinic continues to be in demand for fertility treatment services and doctors and staff continue to offer their dedicated services here.