How to boost fertility naturally?

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Did you hear that food quote “Laughter is brightest when food is best.” The importance of good food can never be understated. It boosts your health naturally and keeps you energetic, happy and peaceful. Especially, if you are young men and women enjoying married life, that is the perfect stage of life to bask a variety of food flavors that bestow you with overall health to become successful parents.  Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center, is one of the best fertility centre in Hyderabad

Have you heard of foods boost fertility naturally? Human fertility can be explained as a quality of producing children naturally or having adequate capacity to get pregnant naturally.

Parenthood is quite enchanting stage in life where as married couple you welcome your baby into the world and you are excited about this new phase from the point of pregnancy to the birth of your child.

Good diet for Health 

To give birth to healthy babies, you have to be fit and healthy as recommended by many doctors. This fact applies both men and women. In terms of weight, overall well-being, can often enable to get pregnant naturally.

Another food quote says “Food is an important part of balanced diet.”

Balanced diet includes fruits, snacks, staple food, vegetables, meat, nuts, grains, cereals and all kinds of vitamin and minerals-based food.

How’s your intake of food at this point?

Do you consume green herbs, fruits, meat, dairy, fresh vegetables regularly?

Did you know the process in which these are prepared also adds to your health? Cutting down too much of deep fried food and preferring steamed, boiled and stir-fry is much recommended to retain protein value.

Foods that boost fertility

There are plenty of foods boost fertility naturally and these will help you to get pregnant naturally and it also secures the health of mother and child. In the process of planning for parenthood, couple must practice intake of healthy diet that has carbs, protein, vitamin, and minerals to get pregnant faster.

It would not be a challenge for you to understand more about fertility boost natural life.

First, let us find out about the intake of diet on a regular basis:

– Rich antioxidants

Antioxidants like folate and zinc is plenty in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains and these are also rich source of Vitamin C and E, beta carotene and lutein.  They improve fertility for men and women. Add these to your daily diet as much as you can.

A study in 2012 revealed that in the take of 75 grams of walnuts that has rich antioxidants can improve sperm quality.

– Make it a big breakfast everyday

How’s your habit of breakfast? What are some of the menu courses you add to your breakfast? This part of day’s diet plays a vital role and you should add as many items as you can – juice, dairy, meat, eggs, bread, fruits, veggies and much more making it as an expanded breakfast it contributes to improved fertility.

Larger breakfast improves the hormonal effects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which is a major cause of infertility.

– Eat more fiber-rich foods

High fiber foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans are highly recommended. Daily women must have at least 25 grams and men 31 grams of fiber.

Add coconut, chick peas, nuts and seeds and reduce the consumption of meat and fish.

– Choose high fat dairy

Low fat dairy can increase the risk of infertility and high fat dairy improves the fertility. Consder intake of a whole glass high fat milk or full fat yoghurt everyday.

– Take multivitamin everyday

It is recommended to take a multivitamin everyday for women as it helps in getting pregnant fast.  Add iron and vitamin C to your supplements.

– Avoid alcohol

The consumption of alcohol brings a negative impact on fertility which is why it is recommended to avoid alcohol.

– Limit coffee consumption up to one or two cups a day

Women who consume more than 500 milligrams of caffeine can take up to 9-1/2 months longer to get pregnant.

Limit your coffee intake up to one or two cups per day.

– Maintain weight appropriately

Being either overweight or underweight can reduce the chances of pregnancy. Consult your physician and get appropriate weight levels and maintain the same.


Foods boost fertility naturally can bring a positive impact on your planning and preparation to becoming a successful parent and fertility boost natural life. Heard of best fertility centre in Hyderabad? Click Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center, a super speciality clinic for couple who are planning on parenthood. Consult for advice and recommendations.