Who needs IVF treatment?

Best Fertility Clinic in Hyderabad

Sometimes you are surprised to know that there is very little correction required for you to plan for your baby. Some of these facts you get to know only by a specialist doctor like Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center who is a reputed IVF infertility specialist located in Hyderabad.

IVF Infertility specialist treatments

Would you like to know about the various infertility specialist treatments available briefly? Some of these include oral medication, injections and some include examination of tests, diagnosis and reports followed by suitable selection of treatment.

Currently, some of the popular best fertility treatments for couples available at Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center are:

– Infertility treatment

– IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

– IVF (Invitro fertilisation

– ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm inj)

– Surrogacy

– Maternity care

– Laser hatching

– PGD/PGS Genetic tests

– Embryo donation

– HSG/Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy

– Egg (Ocyte) donation

– Andrology

– Blastocyst culture

– Semen banking

– Test Tube baby centre

Decision of IVF Treatment

When you seek consultation and counseling of IVF infertility specialist , upon selective methods of medical diagnosis and physical examination and further report checking, you would be recommended to choose IVF treatment.

Prior to the stage of initiating treatment, IVF treatment process is explained to you so that you would different stages of medical treatment you would undergo.

Depending on the case study, different fertility treatments recommended. When it comes to the aspect of IVF treatment – when both fallopian tubes are blocked, IVF is the only option available for a biological child.

In the case of women, the fallopian tubes are the pathway that connects your ovaries to your uterus. You can’t get pregnant if an egg ovulated from your ovaries is unable to reach the uterus and sperm can’t get to the egg.

When it comes to the male infertility, intrauterine insemination (IUI) with a sperm donor or IVF with ICSI is an available option for having biological children. With basic IVF treatment process, sperm cells are placed in a petri dish with an egg thereby one of the sperm cells positively fertilize the egg.

This is the most popular, successful and reliable treatment considered by

IVF infertility specialist and many couples have opted for it having healthy babies. The successsful stories when you click to view at Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center, you would agree that IVF treatment process is among the best fertility treatments for couples.

Safe and Secure Environment

When searching for best fertility treatments for couples, you look for reliable and most successful treatments that bless with your own baby. This is the reason that you search for an experienced, vast knowledge and IVF infertility specialist who can study your case properly. Additionally, you would check for the inhouse facilities, equipment, machinery specialist has to ensure that your treatment is successfully carried out.

Such as in these aspects, you would notice that Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center has all the facilities and equipped technology features for IVF treatment process.

Apart from having few additional doctors who guide you through the process, there are excellent staff and crew at every step to make you feel at home.

The success rate of IVF Treatment Process

India achieved a lot of success in IVF treatment process and surrogacy. There is nearly 75-90% of success in having a healthy born as best fertility treatments for couples. You would be happy to know this fact.

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Offering best fertility treatments for couples safely protecting health of couples while offering fertility treatment to couples who are planning for babies, Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center has vast specialization and decades of experience in delivering healthy babies.


Planning for your family is well secured now as you enjoy good health and lifestyle with Dr.Padmaja Fertility (IVF) Center IVF infertility specialist providing best services in IVF treatment process  which is only for a specific period of time and you can safely return home along with your newborn taking home a lot of happiness. This is the best clinic you can select for your requirement in choosing to plan for your biological child.