Top 10 Tips for you to understand the Cost of IVF and ICSI Treatment in Hyderabad?

Cost of IVF in Hyderabad

In the process of making your efforts in having a family of your own, you opted for IVF treatment in Hyderabad and you wish to know all about it and even receive an estimated cost. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss all IVF costs in Hyderabad and some of the best tips to even find finance and choose a loan for getting the treatment.

The State of Telangana has achieved a lot of success in IVF treatment and there are many recognized and reputed good IVF specialists owning their clinics proving their expertise in giving birth to couples through successful IVF treatments.

Dr.Padmaja is one of the super-specialty IVF clinics that you would come across in the city of Hyderabad.  Her services have been widely recognized with top success stories coming from parents who had their children with IVF treatment.

An overview of IVF cost in Hyderabad

IVF treatment comes under the purview of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) wherein various advanced reproductive methodologies are applied which are proven to have new birth systems.

Among such ART systems, you will find IVF the most successful.

ART includes a wide range of fertility treatments in which either eggs or embryos are handled. 

In a surgical procedure, eggs are removed from a woman’s ovaries and combined with sperm in the laboratory and these are returned to the woman’s body.

Treatments where only sperm are handled and that is intrauterine or artificial insemination or procedures in which a woman takes medicine to stimulate egg production.

IVF treatment in Hyderabad

Costing anywhere between 2.5 Lakhs to 3.00 Lakhs, you would agree that is the cost is worth paying for having your own family.

Although the cost may appear as high for some, there are many valid points to understand the entire process of IVF as part of ART process, you would agree that this is a well-advanced and much-facilitated treatment to protect and safeguard your health and your baby’s health both during the treatment and post-IVF treatment.

The successful birth of your baby would make you feel that it was worth paying for and the success rate in IVF is nearly 85-95% among all age groups as super-specialists put their efforts to succeed in IVF, ICSI, and many other ART technology services.

When it comes to the costs involved in the IVF cycle, estimates are made as per the following requirements:

  • IVF cycle cost per cycle depends on the factors of the age of men and women and case study.
  • As compared to global cities, Hyderabad is quoting a very low IVF treatment rate and this is coming as affordable for couple to opt for it.
  • At the beginning of the treatment, you will receive an estimate and breakup of costs to enable you to come prepared for the treatment. 
  • Beginning from initial consultation to further individual tests, following by basic IVF treatment, each of the estimated cost is carefully administered for your complete satisfaction.
  • Basic IVF treatment – includes doctor’s fees for egg collection, embryo transfer, embryologist’s fees for fertilization, anaesthetics, ultrasound scans, threatre charges etc.,
  • An additional charge is made for ICSI injection which can be anywhere between 28% – 40% of the basic IVF
  • Additionally prescribing hormonal drugs to couple also covered in basic IVF treatment cost.
  • In addition to the above, the service fee for doctors, IVF specialists, embryologists, nurses and lab technicians would come as a requirement for hiring their services. 
  • Sometimes embryo freezing is also included in the basic IVF cost.

Low cost IVF in Hyderabad – Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic 

Facilitating a wide range of ART treatments, – Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic helps you with not only a complete study of your health and your spouse, but after conducting an indepth health check, the clinic offers you a variety of options to go for ART treatments, particular in specific to IVF and ICSI treatment.

In terms of setting your budget for IVF & ICSI cost in Hyderabad, Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic helps you with details of costs included which are reasonably administered for your understanding.

It must be noted that the equipment used in ART treatments is not available in India and therefore, we need to import these machines from different countries and that involves huge investment in order to make the ART technology processes much more advanced and efficient delivering excellent results.

However, as compared to any other city in India, that are offering IVF and other ART treatments, you will surely find Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic located in Hyderabad at a very  reasonably priced and the best low cost IVF clinic in Hyderabad.

Service Benefits

Apart from being low cost IVF in Hyderabad,  Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic is also devotedly service-oriented and create a very harmonious and cordial atmosphere for you and your spouse to feel comfortable.

Understanding you and your need to build your family, we give complete humble support making you feel absolutely comfortable and we are here to provide our most top quality services from the time of consultation to the time of giving birth to your child.

We also take care of your nutrition, health and overall wellbeing during the pre-natal and post-natal period. 

Costs included – low cost IVF in Hyderabad

From ICSI treatment in Hyderabad to IVF treatment in Hyderabad,  Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic, pays attention to every detail to your spending and honorably respects your earnings for having invested into the noble cause of having your own baby.

 Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic understands your mission and extends complete support in achieving the success for you. 
You will surely find  Dr.Padmaja IVF clinic  as a top quality clinic as compared to other IVF centres in Hyderabad when you witness our treatment services, participation and contribution of our works during your journey of IVF treatment in Hyderabad. We will surely help you achieve your mission to become successful parents as all our customers say.